Our aim, that we recall the dreams of our female ancestors bygone and our forefathers in the souls, and our distant past. The Huns escaped from this from the Pacific ovean's island bygone when it dipped by 9 millennia into the waves of an ocean under days before. They escaped with everything what floated on the water, and many hundred on a thousand perish in the cataclysm. Our memoranda write the event down punctually. The fugitives reached the distant coasts after unimaginable sufferings, and the survivors did everything, that the relics of our ancient culture preserve, that the knowledge not disappear into the foams of the ocean. The moon bumped into the Earth, and everything darkened. 100 spontoon cold attacked them, and everything froze, plants animals and people_nation. The hope and the centennial frost were running out hopeless one's made the survival. The wonderful and blooming Earth turned into a vale of tears, and the cruel fate turned the few survivors against each other. The only beam of hope was the persistence of the knowledge. This is so today also.