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This question controversial, because all of our knowledge sounds besides the stars being far unbelievably from us. A thing would be hopeless practically if we would observe our today's knowledge blindly to get yet the nearly centaur into a system. The light does this road under four years. The today's astronomers locked themselves into this box, and after this is true for the companion science, little the hope that way, that they would be able to secede from this. The decades only dogmatizated the science, and these doctrines got involved into the next generations' curriculum as an immutable fact. Astronomer starting yet I read it in soot first the photon from rocket, where a substance and antimatter wished to be united before a huge mirror, and they wished to make use of the light pressure of the light with an enormous quantity being freed here the interstellar spacecraft "nier speed of light" onto the acceleration of truth, then from a midway onto its slowing down. The practice like this hides very serious dangers alone, because at what we secure the speed of light near, we become a pipe clairvoyant better at it, and one entirely little material one something (a small pebble) too carries deathly dangers with regard to our vehicle, because our response time is running out continually, and this the danger not only from the progressing direction threatens us, but laterally. The exploration of the dangerous obstacles very serious technical task, because some are millimetre substances with very dangerous and radar which can be explored too at a close range only already, you are with other device.

The other serious trouble that the human organization carries the lasting acceleration overload difficultly. It is possible to reach this under nearly two years beside earthly relations. We may turn our drive off here, but this much time is needed for the deceleration. The nearly 6-10 years would be the oneway and this much so until stars the return journey. But there is a big trouble. We cannot store the antimatter because this does not remain in the space, and the road driving until the drive mirror very long. Million under seconds this unaccomplishable. A dream was beautiful, but quite hopeless in the practice.

The ion drives achievable, but weakish. Their today's state these hopeless onto the supply of the task. The traditional chemistry folding demands many substances though, with very bad efficacy onto a work like this.

The other danger of the huge velocity, that the destructiveness of most considerable kavitation is for the wandering atoms in case of velocity of this size, would take shape not talking about the considerable warming, which is the spaceship on his front. The substance is similar to the encounter of the substance antimatter here measure energy induces phenomena entailing liberation. This destroys all substances, and this would destroy our spaceship anyway under decades. I mean we stain here if we try to reach the stage of the stars on these manners to shrivel on the Earth. All serious developers know this, and the space research of the Earth regressed in a measure like this because of this.

Click on the picture because some interest shows on him already in a bigger format. Similar ones ezerszám may find on the internet. The time runs out slowly from under the legend manufacturers, and increasingly better who the sack into which this question was squeezed will tear. Much the camera, and the TV camera, increasingly more substances will appear so it on web. An airplane and a UFO are visible on the picture here. There is any kind of prominent drive on him.

The evidences multiply continually, and increasingly more men have own watch. I do not want to say something else with this, I want to show the dreamers it only, that after all it's possible. The essence that the solution of the task is not hopeless.

I wrote it about the solution already on a former sheet of the series, and it timenothing. A spacecraft may be in service with huge jumps here, but other dangers lie in wait for him already. Material collisions do not jeopardize it here, it dared időthe substance can remain in nothing. This the first causes it and in one greatest danger. An own space source has to be at disposal of your spaceship. To provide, because he was in a hand for something very punctually has to be, but a space source like this the I would be able to compare it to a fireball mostly. This is not child's play. My space carcass's wavelength has to regulate this on his fraction because this defines his behaviour meaning maintaining the spaceship. This is allowed to persuade it to progressing between the universes existing in parallel with with him with forging him in one the spacecraft. It is possible to get onto distances which cannot be believed with source distortion with short time a fraction under a second. The parallel universes are similar to ours, but there is everything somewhere else in them of course, than in our space segment. The space has 16 parallel universes. But exists at the same place one totally reciprocator universe system, the anti-spaces. These not hyperspaces, but anti-spaces. Them curling is reciprocator. The substance in them is reciprocator of course. We may find the contrary of the substance and the energy, the image parity here. Our space source does not protect us because the substance is a huge one here under regiment seconds in the accompaniment of an explosion here looks small. Let's see well, what the Huns' history book writes about this how. Let us be listening on Szampo onto an expression, because Kalevala (Finn saga) preserves it in the same manner.

The north wind woman drove it the magyaries cut on Szampo mill, which wore out the enemy and the witchs, into pieces. The Déli-Szél-Asszony (Southern Wind Women) On Szampo ground truth for bread conversely.

This seems to be a single legend this far, something very exciting appears in the sentence though. On the szampo is the old name of the space-time.

The northern ones performed my unfailing kind butt jointly title play. Finally all of them five we were dancing a circle dance .

Here chiefly it five circle dance the noteworthy one, because the space-time is like this.

On the Kaltes woman's planet being 9 unknown powers Oánész explained it in such a way that this is 9 of a Kaltes woman's miracle, what proves the existence of 9 Celestial Master. 9 Celastial Master were the movers of a Kaltes woman's planet. Their knowledge with a celestial origin made it possible in order to be visited 540 times already Joli-Tórem his planet. 800 celestial inhabitants worked on a cart of a Kaltes woman before all visits like this. But some mistake appeared after all sometimes. 9 celestial inhabitants were left here on our Earth with an occasion and a pair was chosen from the earthling with a bigger skull for themselves. From this the countrymen started being cleverer starting and their beaten enemies were not eaten. The celestial ones bred the earthly vegetation with celestial seed. The inhabitants of the land were looking for a refuge in nests built on the trees sometime from before the heavy built animals. But they learned to hunt them later with clubs, traps and stones. Dropping a big animal insured a rich feast.

A man was left after the big earthquakes, glaciations hardly on the land sometimes, but they came from the sky the defence was taught to the countrymen with an increasingly bigger success. Nine people came always from the sky. Was onto him special, that from among them somebody died here. The recurrent ones grabbed somebody by a Kaltes woman's cart with themselves at this time. Onto the one like this it was said afterwards: they were good, so you go into the heaven and they were called the god's sons. These earthly visits lasted while Nippurban was not here recorded, mysterious 4'320'000-es life rotation number. Since then only the Kaltes-asszony-féle it is being watched with their pearl granules on the Earth was left over, proliferated their successors' life. They write what is noticed so in Life Book certainly.

From this enormous time, but a man like that may talk even about its fractions only, who the 4320 and it can understand the essence of my 2160 mouth halving it, the world lunar year. The man like this may relate as much as the earthly man's sense can absorb.

Arvisura mentions 9 celestial masters here. (Unknown) Ez may be the nine original one, the number of who increased by one since then according to our knowledge,. They are not creatures. Everything else you are what we see know creature. The unknown expression appears because of this. The Joli-Tórem too they move it. Kaltesiek we are tracked now. I emphasized the detail because he has a space technology meaning.

Told it to a bar tag recovering from the initiated serious illness of Gabon when you get onto the delta of the big river that it is Heavy often flew get down. On a Kaltes woman's cart and a Celestial science was taught to the countrymen. Heavy but, they got off to our Earth on the warmer countries only similarly to a Kaltes woman's realm, because he was more carefree here the life and the cold snow showers did not destroy their produces.

Nabatiból you go into the Hírös gate on a camel caravan, it visited his life church then onto bean Tab one and Larak priests his company. Inspected the white-yellow-red-black memoranda, in which his life secrets were immortalized until some. He was written down in these, that sometimes instead of a Kaltes woman's cart his sky spheres and with the diamonds of the sky Heavy the world months visit the Earth in the 24. year of his anniversaries. They can absorb even the people-nation thoughts with their wonderful vibration sensors at this time. Happy, that the peace of the big Universe desired once may ensue on their companion planet!

A bar tag found those memoranda interesting, that the moon knocking flamed for a long time, the big water and Atlantisz were smoking then slowly started sinking. You appear on the Kaltes woman's cart before Big deluge with 432 000 bear thorax years according to Larakiak arriving first our Earth. Suruppak wise men thought that the Heavy passengers brought 2 pulis in the last Kaltes sphere in Sumerian. They were not able to go back already because of the flaming of the sea. It proliferated since then pulis protected the sheep of the pateszies and the kings. 10 royal families ruled until 432 000 bear thorax years before the big deluge.