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The question may seem a folly even for a modern man, but would induce symptoms entailing quite serious circumlocution compulsion at an astronomer. Although I read statistics on an American web page that asked US is citizens' half did not know it, that the Earth circulates around the Sun. These are American astronomers' uptakes though. What may be the trouble? The Sun 1181-times bigger at the Earth.

Let us be watching well for a question asked in the title then. What we may find in our folk's memoranda from this direction. We have to tell it for it in order for our folk to absorb the world on an other manner entirely in a magistrate. The origin of our knowledge more ten thousands our race comes from his ancestors apart from land in a year and considerable measure. The mítikus elements the products of the fantasy, but a knowledge being based on other but very practical knowledge.



The stars and the planets have an intelligent, special space quantum influencing the life of the star and the planet really according to our knowledge. This enter sporting event in the ancient documents Tóremnek. These the lake splendid they work in a uniform hierarchical system, and they are in an informational contact with each other. The name of the ghost of the Earth Joli-Tórem, or Sun's Ráten. The moon 3,65 times smaller at the Earth.

He and a man has women and a man type serans, i mean space quanta, the planets have gender so. Sure here from abiological gender there is a word, but our case right, you are justifyish (special) we may talk about light quanta. The moon is a celestial body with a female character likewise. Please, no you want to catch it according to a word. This would be totally misleading. But notice that Kaltes entailing a year before us is the ten thousand from a woman's planet arrived this was taught to us in the possession of much bigger knowledge. I do not believe that their science would have been developed along obscure ideas, and their interstellar spaceships. The band Earth moon system together with bigger mass, got near to the Sun with the catastrophe so. The three hundred eighty sunny years onto the today's circulatory time reduced. The centre of gravity of the system is subject to the surface of the land. This is yanking the earth's crust continuously, and the tide causes a seismic activity beside a phenomenon. This changes sincerely with the change of the perigee and apogee.

Eturban under the Ida mountain the princely youngsters a received of their lord cartful from clay sheet slabs of stone it was acquired the ataiszi science and the garauz and ahaj compared them in their childhood already folk tale and his world of legends. Like this Aháj princely youngster, than ordosz-countrian, a Hangun river fisher helped Sikila, Baratony and veins' learning with the domestic knowledge in the evenings.
These slabs of stone told that related Sabirs is 3808. summer holiday one more clearly at the Sun and the knowledge of the garauzs in conformity with in 1856. fire acquisition year Hárpia-Tórem in the gods' combat the moon our Earth sent it towards it, but a Kaltes woman and the Mother Nature drove it out. Like this Hold Atlantic Occidental pole touched our Earth only. 5tlantic is sinking gradually since then. A terrible amount of dust got into the air, turn to ice even the seas were covered by the poles of the Earth, the ice and the people-nation died on 5tlantic magnetic pole.

From the Hárpia-Tórem we don't know yet, that in this solar system, you are in a farther system is, but an interesting thing appeared already. Atlantic not somebody else, than Atlantis, the mysterious and sunk the island. Our days have the clay sheet slabs of stone, and in as much we read these correctly really, we may make sure of the same one in original one. It is interesting that the celestial mightinesses had the moon included as a uniform weapon against the Earth. I was searching it longer in the bulky text and I found another four important details.

The little fisher for a child's, Ahaj father begged for, the relative visitor Eturnak:
- Tell a story my father likewise, than once in Eturia, whether what tell tales on Idahill north side the old ahajs?
- If you cannot sleep, my small angler - Etur said it dad - well I relate it as a sleeping pill the ahajs, pelazgs, for the children of garaúzs and Ida mountain aborigines telling tales. - From evil's and Tetis big love, i mean the river god and sea god from the fight of an ebb tide, that Hárpia-Tórem caused it, that smashed the moon to our Earth at Atlantis. Ebb tide waves fertilized the water of the seas and with the fish were swarming in all of the water. Sun-god but not only the waters, but fertilized the mainlands. A uranium, the Sun-god faced a night only Gaja with an Earth goddess and it onto a morning fertilized it. A child was born to him in all fire acquisition years. Concealed it since a uranium did not like listening to the child crying carefully, because of this the goddess the cave took them onto deep one's. Carried up the 6 boys and 6 girls onto the clearing before the cave every morning, that they play I.
- Grass on my father, how they were called Pótia according to a grandpa?
- These children garaúz it is called differently in all valleys on land. The boys OP, Kolama, Keve, Harapi, Tesim and Kojon-nak entered sporting event, while the girls: Onto tea one, Séka, Tömörke, Megyerja, Piroska and Tengelize-nek it was being petted. When 14 are OP already on a fire acquisition feast bought a part, spoke to his mother so, Gajának:
- My mother, we know that a sun-god uranium thrashes you on all dawns, because of that so dewy our Earth all mornings, because you are crying. I am rather strong already because of this and I do not want to hunger after more with my siblings and I cut it off uranium-Sungod his masculinity.
Acted the way and their father did not come longer Gaya to beat, but a Gaya Earth god kept clear of it mother and let Mother Nature to struggle with his children alone. Gaja preserved the memory of a uranium after all however. It dripping collected his blood into himself and the nape one gave birth to it secretly-peoples, from who hard-working and strong folk were. ,
The limb of a uranium fell into the sea and was born from this Aracsilla, the goddess of the love, all of whose effort it was, that Joli-Tórem let a saint populate his Earth.
Aracsilla encouraged the 6 girls in order for a husband to be elected as themselves because they grew soon already first and the woman rule may be created. Chose it for tea one so his husband Karatalt, Séka tall Hera, Tömörke strong Zevecser, his Megyer beautiful Poszáda, Piroska little Belezár and Tengeliz slender Zandorhán. Karatalt it was appointed a head hunter, but their realm Gaja, the Mother Nature ruled.
Sikilia stood in order to relate it in the initiated centre for disputing one into the talk took shape memoranda, which sounded so:
- All of the nape one and other folks' tale world mention that the merciless gods gobbled up their foetuses, while the women did not conceal them. You bring up a child secretly, who when a generation I understand an age, it was destroyed the overbearing one and was weakened already their father. These concerned times all covered with the ice when the nape folk had to support themselves from something. The initiated ones with a celestial origin moved onto the warmer countries all the much because of the frequent changes of the climate on the other hand.
Two initiated centres grew on the largest island of the big water extending under Pamír icebergs so, In Atais and on the bottom of the pack-ice mountains being in Atlantis. With what but the attendant joined Hold Atlantis sank his western pole, this rich island dips into the big water gradually since then. The moon set the big water in motion on the other hand and the heir a new life was beginning because of the circulation of price ebbs giving a life Joli-Tórem his Earth.
The Ruda-Tórem accross a fire-ball thrown away got into the sea of the fog and hazes vainly however and the diver duck produced a mainland and a stone vainly getting cold the was condensed from big water, the ancient fire after all where here, where belches fire there into the Universe and from this new lands, there will be new rocks. There is something true only in the tales of the uzs, which claim it, after all however, that there is a whale on the bottom of the big water, that his sleep trembles wake up, and the Earth shakes then. New continents and big islands arise so and the people-nation big multitude is destroyed. Wake up often if the whale sleeps deeply, swims around in the big water at this time and where here, where stirs there Joli-Tórem his Earth.
From a Kaltes woman's realm it is being watched always however Joli-Tórem his Earth and the moon adding, if differently not, Hárpia-Tórem accross they intervene in their life. A Kaltes woman sends his cart to us with Heavy initiated people-nation, who help with the development, rather often. A bigger group arrived before with 50 concentrated fire acquisition years according to Pintor memorandum, the successors of who were wandering into Atlantis with the onset of the big colds, then the blue eye they ran away from nape folks' pursuit into a sun-god's realm. These formed writing already, which the sun-god's priests preserve.
Pamír, to Atais was wandering where there was never a winter with the pupils of the many insiders from Ural and the hot water sources' realm. Anyahita came here on the Kaltes woman's realm cart into a visitor, but Kékleny  (Blue hill) into a mountain range they clashed, and they may not have recurred so. The three men and five women mated between each other only first at this time, then later the came earlier initiated leszármazottaival. An initiated society grew so, who got married to the earthly aborigines next. The successors but all the much lost their insider, and the number of the people-nation with full knowledge was smaller always.
Their knowledge but enough had their knowledge but enough that way, that let the cannibalism, which occurred for reality conspicuously in the tale world of the pelazgok, be brought to an end he is indicated. It was possible to attain this in such a way only however that the wilderness is a living person with the domestication of animals, the Kaltes-lady countryman meat abundance was created according to habits. In Atais is stepped on the hills while they created sewered-irrigational agriculture on the plains. They created a healthier lifestyle so. The man-eaters were taken prisoner and the correct nourishment was taught to it. Who offended against the prohibition of the cannibalism again, they in chain-durance it was taught to work. They taught it to speak the language of the initiated ones then. When they turned into couples and they had children, it was inserted into the church economies before for shepherds, then for farmers they.

More things are reversed in exchange of him as soon as the man reads this detail. The authors of the text bygone knew the concept of the gravity already because they knew that the moon induced the phenomenon of the price ebb. This dynamic water motion enlivened the seas that of lived one, and initiated the prevailing big sea currents of the Earth, than Humbolt, you are the golf current. We may meet in quite wide spectrum here the astronomy, with the ancient knowledge of geology, oceanografia, biology. The bark of the Earth may have been uniform before knocking against the moon, and the legends signal this many times with it, that such ones are said: He was this in those days when they were not mountains yet on the Earth yet. The collision split the thin bark of the Earth, which there is in moving even now because of the catastrophe. A Kaltes woman's lamps, my domestic shooting are watching the Earth today is from them.

It may be important likewise that a sun-god uranium fertilizes the Earth at night, a drawn unknown that may be very important to the biosphere may point out a phenomenon. What is able to penetrate the full mass of the Earth may be like that with the radiation of the Sun in a context. The neutrino is radiation so for example. It is probable, that as the sphere optics behaving an Earth diverts this radiation partly, and the surface of the Earth scatters it into his environment directly. This is until a morning so because of an evening chiefly. The water swallows the bigger sibling, the neutron the best, slows it down. It may be possible that the more thousand kilometres of thick water works as a lentil looking at the night Sun neutrinos. Other Dranosz story we may find it in the Greek mythology in the same manner quasi. We may find it out about the nape folk, that ancestor the prehistoric men who we found already, and the story relates it, that they were made of Uran collected blood. The idea of the matriachatus appears here. UR=ÚR, AN=Égi. Napisten-Uran=Sungod celestial lord. See it Terembura journal Sumerian's dictionaries. Notice it, that the reference of Pintor memoranda the fifty concentrated fire acquisition years what kind of long time. This is fifty thousand fire acquisition year. The realm of the hot waters not somebody else, than Kárpát-basin. we do not accept the spread conquest theories because of this. The man attacks his own house if there are thieves in him only. In this we not belief-like one believe, but we know it because our truthful forefathers wrote it down.

Ataisian according to habits the settlements here 20-25 years it was rebuilt. First Ten valiant, Aran a princely girl's husband built a city out of the stones brought from Turra mountains, that Ten-nek enter sporting event. His son, a stud built Ősten shrine beside it, and pap made it a city. The son of a stud, Nap-Kira it created a new city after his father's conquests, you a sun-god's city, what Amun priests enriched with the memoranda of 45 000 inundation years with the leadership of the initiated ones. The son of a stud examined the secret memoranda carefully, and found it out, that Üvöltő Vízisárkány a big climate brought about changes often, then Hárpia-Tórem the moon Joli-Tórem directed it for his Earth. A Kaltes woman cleared away this evil deed in such a way however that he drove the moon out from his progressing direction. Atlantic started sinking because of this friction however and terrible stone and snow dust crashed down our Earth. Many people ran away from the big cold towards the warmer countries. This climate from before fluctuations rescued the insider, a Kaltes woman came from his Earth descendants their memoranda onto the priests' shrines. In this Ten valiant a magus's successors their help they were.

When Nap-Kira 15 year Latvians, Amu proposed to a high priest's girl. Came into existence so Amun-Om, his Sungod's city. Samasna Pisti arrived with big clerical aid and trained church economy leaders onto the consecration, and the control of the realm of a stud was taken over according to his Úr city taller education. The second son of a stud, Narmen established a new settlement lord with urban help and little Theba it was turned into an intellectual centre. A stud died at the time of his city's consecration. They buried it into Theba sanctuary. The ataisian ancient religion faithful themselves were submitted to Úr city laws and his habits, since the newest one is a Kaltes woman on his cart arrived intellectual education with a taller degree was brought, and the hunger their rule being it was brought to an end on areas. Orsur, Mari a realm gold woman's largest son grew old and he did not have a child despite many of his wives. He adopted the third son of a stud so. Hor-Aba was training to be a priest and nazirity was receiving. Őrsur inherited his realm from Őrsur death. An academic specialisation fiancee transferred the prelacy to a magus. Married Őrsur youngest wife and from Salajka many children were born to him. New had a city built up, and since the magus's son-in-law is a Latvian, the princely city after his wife Sakhara's entered sporting event. They had his Őrsur city rebuilt where his children stooled later while moving lasted. Hor-Aba his largest son, Athotis built his Anu city though. Hetevaret had it built up later royal city and Bothon-Estho ruled over his realms. Kadhafi a magus established a sea realm though and Etur established the contact with a sovereign's folk. Kadhafi was Hetevaret lord, the relatives of who going up until all of them on Ibos day, Nilus's flood a wife was elected as themselves on his day. Male children were born to him inside a fortnight after nine lunar months in most cases, and like this the stud realm the name of his founder's fourth son was inherited Big Féran according to a name-giving calendar. This current, sea seafaring initiated person was 24. Kadhafi already, who Kerétáról knew the nautical routes of leaving big waters well.

Amun priests preserved 45000 years of his knowledge and his experiences, that the academician a science is talking about this. I would be curious about what would be the scientific point of view in Üvöltő Vízisárkány question for example.

- Our wise men are glad about it very much, that Úr city the modes of production of neighbourhood church economies for Nílus inundation Ibos-day's you took it over with him totting up and you made the cannibalism because of the hunger decrease by the abundant crop reached on 1 daily journey along Nilus. Unfortunately, since when Hárpia-Tórem he made the moon mother join you as a fellow traveller, stood in as a result of the friction for his Atlantic Earth we may not prevent him sinking. Many men stain yet because of the gradual occurrence of the fall Bothon-Estho and to escape towards Káldia, what will cause disturbances in your prosperity. The life accelerated up because of the price ebb on your land due to a moon mother, on the other hand Joli-Tórem the rotation of his Earth slowed down. Indeed, the fire acquisition chronology of Ataisz wise men calculated once from 380 days 370 fell below it gradually and 365-366 children on duty are equal to a period currently. The district of the stars naming in conformity with do not stop it however, because the moon mother is a comet or something else due to a heavy body the fellow traveller may depart from a service and Kaltes-Muther you may find your way near again to his land. The distance between us increases constantly now and we can be watching the life of our companion planet with our instruments fixed onto a Kaltes woman's lamps only already in the world month of the fish.

- We will never leave you alone however, dared with the 10.000 years our taller education and our knowledge for us apace woman and our tiny lamps relay agent they will work as a station. The initiated ones with a different degree, than our messengers living eternally and our news will be reborne according to your life tree and our thoughts will be made their own. The initiated ones with celestial ancestry will encourage it by means of the progress so Joli-Tórem the humanity of his land. There will be hatred yet after the cannibalism, but an insider with a taller degree will create the affection faith of a Kaltes woman's Earth instead of the hatred. The affection will triumph over all of them in a folk's life in Aquarius world month.

The data so accurate, because the kaltesiek is like that what we may call modern today was measured with space knowledge and astronomy. This shows on the Maya's calendar very much. This shows on their prophecies concerning the future. They were right about the future, that Jesus Kristus arrival was predicted, indeed on the end of the paragraph our days there is a prophecy. The trouble only it, that we are on Aquarius front now, and it was not said here, that in which part of Aquarius, because we have 2100 years yet so this way.

These clay sheet memoranda established it, that in the 1856. fire acquisition year the Hárpia-Tórem - it was cut in a Kaltes woman's fight the divine one quarreling Joli-Tórem his Earth the moon mother; Kr. this. in 11 652, but Kaltes woman and Joli-Tórem it little knocking diverted it. The other experiment, collision did not happen in the 2066. fire acquisition year, but the second deluge flooded the mainlands lying in the lower one. Most reliable in the calculation of the times the time of the first deluge, so the fire acquisition one hill-ceremony 1856. yearly one happening to his occasion hill-girlfair.
Based on the memoranda of the initiated ones before 432 000 eating successions of generations, that is 10 families reigned before the first deluge with 21 500 mountain festive years Joli-Tórem his Earth. The one with a taller culture, 10 came from a Kaltes woman's Earth groups having a family appeared on their heavy vehicles soon with 19 644 mountain festive years Joli-Tórem his Earth, 2000 fire acquisition years groups having a family came again and the power was taken from the older families with their taller knowledge, but until all of them some, that the earlier families created newer prevailing families with ones on power. The rule of these families was independent of the amplitudes of the weathers causing a catastrophe. Ardvisura-Anyahita, the female ancestor's group brought Heavy monotheism. His children his first son consolidated the princely power, the second the secure-cultivation, while the third executed the domestication of the animals and it was brought to an end so Joli-Tórem his Earth it till then cannibalism in a habit. The others his sons: A lord, an edge and Van imposed Heavy faith beside their mother's management down Ardvisura-Anyahita the basis of his teachings, beside the cheque of the 5 celestial men. It was edited based on a lord, the incisions of an edge and Van the 3 x 8 personal ones Big-Férant, i mean the naming according to the celestial habits. From among these 8 Féran put down by a lord in the secret memoranda of Surupak who can be seen now. It is visible in the church of the Agadi city of Féran put down by an edge. Van prince accross paid third 8 Féran now Hun-Ómban visible on the shrine of the initiated ones, which was broken down into tribes next. It from Ardvisura-Anyahita Féranban paid successors coming from it was christened names based on the Ó sign of the initiated ones.

Csepregiek öröksége

The moon so before Kr. 11 652, with 13 656 years before set about for the Earth. (2004) His orbit today waddling, although 700 are the moons before with a year his axial rotation dubbed to him revolving around the axis. There may have been serious troubles at this time, drawn very probable one, that Mercur and Pluto, and his moon Charon got to his today's orbit at this time. Pluto and Mercur are similar to our moon size planet. Mercur surface very like, only maybe even older, than the moon. With craters strongly slashed. That slab of stone of ours, the kept treasure of a brook, Koppány high priest are found yet, on which on the time of the accident sketched the rescue expedition's route onto Jupiter Europa moon, then onto Mars and get down. First Jupiter Europa name they landed on his moon, the expedition divided into two then. One went around it Phaeton, you are Vulkanus on an other name with planet debris scattered over his orbit, landed on Mars then. This falls down on the middle of the picture. On the other straight towards the Earth bought the direction. On the picture visible Mercur and Venus, but you do not go there. The Sun is on the middle of the picture. Is the more millennial slate quite heliocentric?

From the situation of the planets which can be seen on the picture back up it would be possible to deduce the time when the thing may have occurred. It would be possible to find it out with a good little astronomical program with some sunny accuracies. We say it Celestia would be fit for this. This is free accessible one on the internet. Only valiantly! Many similar teeth dared to be found yet.

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