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It was taught to us in such a way that the first Olympic Games were directed in Greece, though our folk a lot directed competitions consisting of so many sports before Greek Olimpias with a millennium, on which the men and the women may have tested their strength, and the prize of this was not some gold medal on an interesting manner, but it, that the winners may have chosen a wife and a husband from the audience according to their own wish. Five Olympic Games, five victories, five wives, you are the opportunity of a husband's choice. A then victorious pair choice of his was big glory. Nobody you lead with rope. They knew that they will be a winner's healthy and vital children. This was a general habit at the Christians bygone even 2000 of his years, which it is possible to find in the Bible really. Then the contact, which is found today of course, was not denied yet so sanguinely apart from the Earth only the super powers keep silent about him. The havaruti Great-Szala (on a public assembly) they were on a sign for the Kaltes woman's planet, the Earth (Joli-Tórem) the envoys of his sibling planet. As one not only watching, but as a participant. They do not differ from us in their looks in a considerable measure, with only a lot more symmetric their body and nice their face, but with two heads taller at us. We are asymmetric much or little. This onto reason which can be bought on our face chiefly. We may notice this if we pay attention to him separately. We got used to it so otherwise, and we do not notice this so. It impossible, that they enter the fray in our days the "extra-terrestials", because the game and the sport are liked. Relatives. We are competitive because of this this much. I quote from our ancient history book again.

Tenisur group received it everywhere in the door of the shrines Joli-Tórem the insiders of his Earth, and the arriving ones were offered his life bread. They pleased it with his life drink after his consumption. Somebody spoke up on an any kind of language after the running down of his second reeling sand, everybody understood each other already after the initial difficulties, since the thoughts were sent on on only a language already under the magical hats. Since the Kaltes woman is realm in the shrine hall guests the gift with hats with the 10 000 fire acquisition years taller knowledge it was able to be carried over Joli-Tórem his Earth into the consciousness of inside ring.

By the time guests finished the discussion, the kaltesi on the shrine they came up with the celestial vehicle and they were flying into new Abod city where the riders received them solemnly together with the participants. The havaruti began in the morning following day onto Nagyszala memory Nagy Süán, which 500 riders attended. (Hungarian: Nagy = Big)

On all of them from 100 riders the first 5 riders got into the deciding fight. The youthful kaltesiek they took a liking to the competition. The most stately guest kaltesi single Har name the reserve elected his horse as a priestess because it was the wildest steed, and nobody was able to tame it. Showed so already after the round-a-clock competition, Aháj will be the last one in riding the first one, but before the aim Har a priestess's horse bit into Aháj horse, and the kaltesi was a rider so the first one, who then on our language Harapinak enter sporting event. Indus River was a charm woman by evening in the priestesses' and whore girls' competition the first one, who dealt with prophecy anyway,. The reward of the victory Harapi evening dining ordered fisher foods for their group. The victorious priestess Harapit elected it as his husband on the other hand, that even Tenisurnak may not have been to modify. A scholar was building on a Harapi Kaltes woman's Earth, for who to him being left over the kaltesi a leader centre contributed to it. Abod ran into the aim for the third, a valiant came from 5tlantic while Kapac is initiated for restless Kadhafi. Fifth for the fourth, while the sixth was Nimród second son, the youthful drum.

Tenisur handed over a little packet to all winners, in which kaltesi there were seed, but in all different kind. He requested the ones to which a present was given as to open the boxes before the planting directly only. Called it however their attention, that these Heavy seed, then if the termelvények they grow, it is conveyed to each other. He hopes that the gifts brought now spread away onto Aquarius world month.

Well, these seed spread in a wide circle, our geneticists do not find the real genetic ancestors of our food plants because of this. It turns out on Inn that they are not earthly plants evolutionary posterity's. Pay attention to the tiny details because it is advanced for example that it was not allowed to open the packaging shows thinking and biogenetics. The lovers' thing is resolved as they wrote it down in the next quoted detail. Today purple steamer an idea is told that we had something to do with ancient Egyiptom civilisation. But let's see!

Before the conclusion of the feasts Re karnaki priestess Sikila announced that he wants to be a miller's, the winner's of the cart competitions wife. The news of this was going soon and ába presented himself immediately priestess, that the pamir-szkita Berenice wife wants to be and on his mother's possession, Red sea coast want pamír-to build a harbour with the help of tarkans.

There was need for discussions since Berenice is all of them for the miller dubbed newly, all in both cases it was necessary to ensure his replacement. Onto a morning the exchange was resolved, because a priestess's younger brother, who fell in love with it, is a re instead of a miller one of the kaltesi with a smaller stature into a priestess, with Sikila happened applied for departing on the Heave vehicle in the sense of a discussion. Berenice in place off Babel és Uszuri initiated they reported themselves into an exchange. The council of the initiated ones opted for Uszuri finally.

While Berenice received the command that his Úr city should develop it and between Berenice named after him the sea seafaring trade, till then Uszurinak it was his principal task, that let the pamír and parszi develop the commercial contacts with Scythian ones. To this idea Harapi and his wife, Har initiated joined one. Commercial accomodations were built up on both of the sides of Indus River Uszuri for continental commercial caravans, and like this the ataiszi his intelligence agents were folk.

On Both the youth of an evening homeland and Saba in celebrated and cheerful mood rode from Pusztaszer Narmen prince accross built to Theba.

And uninteresting? Exactly Téba (Théba) his city in an eye on the crumbling mountain a talented Hungarian Egyptologist - Győző Vörös  - found an ancient chapel, where the ceiling one is fresco Pantokrátor who can be seen on our holy crown of Hungary shows surprising analogy with pictures. Uninteresting? Elümánói Bilkisz was the ruler of Sába province, Saba came from here priestess, who had bought on the competition. Here - in Etiopia - these 6000 year ancient Christianities, the Coptic line are found even today, and it, that the Hungarian Paulite from here, from Theba derive themselves? But it is very probable, that the two departed earthly initiated leszármazottai they live today on the distant planet. The insider not god, only clever man. Because somebody comes from the sky, only an-gyal (Hungarian: angyal=angel), you are old-fashioned AN-GAL, how what makes so much is a Heavely child. This is totally true. In Sumerian language also. S-dares you are szu-dares reports it, that an air god's, that is omnipotent, the space-time's holding everything his hollyness. He is on a sign everywhere inside the universe, than medium, the speaking light. Probable, that a folk with a name like this did not exist although they keep recalling it on much place. Anyahita our female ancestor, and the others initiated they were capable of it, that consciousness contact let them be heading above onto the many light-years being their mother planet, and like this it is totally probable, that with his hollyness. A belief was not their faith afterwards because of this, but certainty.

This happened because of that primarily when the folk of 24 Hun Clanalliance left a lord's and their lord's city, because people_nation were killed at the time of the royal persons' death, as living victim, between them 3 Hun craftsmen. Poison was poured into sweet wine, and the people_nation executed with the poison cup were the kings' servants on the otherworld in the future. This from Atais fugitive saka folk took it over. Batour, Uzapani and Baratony reminded the wise men of their lord's city with the occasion of visiting in these bear thorax years, that if human sacrifices happened in the twins' constellation, now already in the constellation of Taurus this not obliging yet their lord and at his Úr city kings. This Nippurban it was approved.

Harapi a king lost a lord's city because of this human sacrifice burial manner. Since Ummából you go away into his Úr city Káldor onto a king's funeral and the donkey carriage beater child was slaughtered as Heavy appeasement among other things on the funeral. Harapi looked the beater child, seholsem vainly found it him. His interest the lord urban children related that the donkey carriage child was taken away more lords together with a urban child, that it is sacrificed Káldor on a king's funeral.

To the patesi was going together with the children Harapi cool and asked it, that in as much the donkey carriage child lives yet, it is sent to become he so back up, because a homeland is truth after gratitude respect for the gods wants to drive Ummába. The pateszi said that they sacrificed him for the king's salvation because of the action which Heavy likes. Harapi expressed a king's displeasure, to present a blood sacrifice saying that we gave up the world month of the Gemini and craziness even now already.

Umma king went to those of a belt at this time and related that he is initiated sincerely being, does not want to live near more of his Úr city, since not only in a lord, but their lord frequent the executions during the funerals. Harapi a king's most hard-working folk inhabited Ummában, from among who many people built up apartment houses and churches and even their lands were cultivated beside this. It troubled it merely that everything was built up on a conservative manner only, although from this much more comfortable flats could have been built. Gave up the plain between the Big rivers and Indus River with his folk's half because of this a river moved onto his country where the relative is indijó refugees lived.

When we went homeward, we approached it with a little bypass through his city Harapi a king's realm, where in most tall buildings and the people_nation lived in comfortable flats. Water was installed in living on all of them and the room of all men was separate where he may have filled the night. The art of the magic was developed even better, than their lord. Their insiders constructed an other writing style their usage.

Onto the ambivalent world of the then age I quote a typical detail in order to recall the habits of the then age. Here indicates, how we lived in Mezopotamia, but our more-developed confederation folk felt badly in the primitive vicinity. They moved into India. his city Tibetben yes. And uninteresting?  Csoma Sándor Kőrösi, a compatriot were at work here, who today to bodhiszattva they last, i mean for the saint according to the names of that place. Our folk was looking for the traces on good place his origin. The culture according to the description dwindled under the millennia. Their writings are found on the other hand, and from this we may find out many things about our predecessors' life.