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We could consider our knowledge as advanced one already in our Suns that this question may seem foolishness. The trouble only it, that on crane one - the origin of the races title - his book opening an era not the creation to challenge, as it is believed nowadays, only it tried to reveal a what kind of order the god may have used in the course of the creation, we after he came next. He himself proclaimed this. He was not materialistic as Einstein is A. In the socialist camp bygone these facts they tried to fall silent. The today's geneticists think that DNA is the consequence of a chain and his function only on all of them but on all of them, but nobody knows it apart from the fact that we should know the order of the transmitting substance quite punctually in the chromosomes already, how all this differentiates how organized. It onto all cases already clear, that all of the forms of the life accompany these molecules. But why necessary to all lives?

We may realise this big secret if we reflect on the thing more deeply only. All of our analytic efforts, the taking apart do not relate the secret, the system himself vainly it is necessary to cheer it up, the essence, which the most accurate knowledge of the details cannot make us take. The devil is in the details hiding, the god in the completeness. He is the completeness. The creation was not going on on a manner like that, it the awfully conceited smartys it was imagined, and were sarcastic, and until the today's day are sarcastic their infantile argumentations. The biochemistry of DNA does not give an explanation onto the life, and his magician's apprentices frighten the untrodden one with clones steadily though, but from this money is hoped for, they may reach the stage of the mother's and soldiers' without a family development then so because they believe it so, because the life is a chemistry thing, the stock of which it is possible to manufacture so, only, than the medicines, or the artificial fertiliser. From an army like this onto equal one let nobody be afraid. Even nobody was able to develop a life. It is a much more cunning thing at it in order for it to be possible to create it so. Till now only with the molecules of the existing life conjure and they splashed about. Even nothing came to life purely in our scholars' hand from chemistry substances.

This current one is the sixth solar system. A civilisation overtaking on all of them was destroyed radically. There were survivors sometimes because of that, but everything had to be started over again. The technique is a base pendant. The Earth where wildfire, where flood ravaged it throughout. The last big decay is the consequence of clashing with the moon. This induced an ice-age. Everything was destroyed in these decays practically, and the Earth emptied. This fact breaks beautiful dreams into two parts because it is evolutionary ideas from this that's right into a waist they break. The previous tall civilisation his tall, order to which used was got while his habits may work, his power structures are justify over till then only. Total catastrophe with a worldwideness under survivor months go wild, or they become extinct, than the dinosaurs. This the accrued to us a map indicates that the owners of a global culture are our ancestors was. They understood the gravity of the situation after the catastrophe. The map depends on his side, but with a little fantasy recognisable on him the continents. Kubiláj plan from wisdom, and well to informated bears witness. From the right Antarctica, which we conquered after millennia only. Let us not forget that the sea level, much drawn ice cold moon dust and a rock were other crashed down our Earth.

After Moon catastrofa - Ice-Age map

A urban man's survival chances are even badder. Is pretentious, weak, awkward in the nature. A new town woman cannot kill a chicken already, but if after all, cannot skin it, to disbowel, because he buys everything oven-readily. Buys the bags to which used was got by it only, and this is worth an end to his science. These will be the first victims. After a catastrophe little the supermarket, and then less the oven-ready food. Very little will be the spiritual patient and depressed one between the survivors afterwards so, but the big macho little to the survival.

It would be necessary to recognise the edible things and the dangers. This is not taught during slapping. I suggest to everybody that he should believe these throughout warmly, let him be out of his pink fog, and let him learn useful things.

The Earth burned out, from culture debris his free black layers indicate that these strange stories of mine are not made-up. 

 The archaeological residues of the antiquity complement all this, in which a lot, we may see an exotic but being to who accustomed is not got with completeness for us. From nothing appeared, and the into nothing lost folk. It is the interesting one that all folk with an old root remember ends of the world. The maya Indian it is related that their folk came from the stars, more tenthousand they came by a spaceship with a spherical form, between which there was gold, silver and copper-coloured one. However the Indian ones did not have an idea of how it is necessary to create so enormous spacecraft. Why? Would a today's average man be able to form one like this? The spaceships fly about there above his head though. Right, much smaller ones, with which it would not be possible to reach the stage even of the adjacent planet, but after all spaceship. We should find out better one, but the hard-headed materialistic ones in a measure like that encroached above the thinkers, that this starts becoming the total dam of the humanity's additional development by today.

The bear arrived from the direction of a constellation according to our folk's memories get down, but from much place migrants arrived from the universe's distant landscapes into the solar system. We had first immigration before with 70000 years. The one around us eight nearly from among a star there are habitable planets around six, and on all homo sapiens character people_nation live. This quite good news, because our race companions are more-developed with a shock and cleverer there are not wars since millennia already at us, on their planets, and they watch over their relatives with sympathy. Most related, because they crossed with more occasions with us, and when the earthly population showed serious genetic injuries, they repaired on our genetic substance. Arvisuránk discusses this quite in detail. After the catastrophes the people_nation totally went wild, cannibalism opened his head often, they were soft because they did not find food, and the nature changes this into hard lessons.

This little map indicates that a renowned predecessor of ours was traveling around it before with millennia the Afro-Eurasia, because since it was possible to get through from Kamchatka to the Cape Colony drily. Shows his Tulias's way, and Atlantis is found yet on this map of ours, exactly where Platon wrote it down, from Siriat columns in a western direction. He looked for the survivors. They did not do this road with a cane boat certainly. The road is determinate visibly.

tulias útja

The today's geneticists' idea is plain. They say everything to genetic deformed at birth, which fall without on what they fixed in their dogmata,. They agree many times in the deserts mummified curiosities. I show an one like this here. Which box will they assign this into? Swam, flew, or was able to entail these tentacles. I would X-ray it with pleasure. Because if his bones are found, already heavy to deviate the sceptic half-for ones making their apologies. The size is a dogma because the sense is not the function of the brain volume. I show even a much more interesting diagnosis at this.

 This the previous a little fellow was with a much smaller body, but the scientific sheets did not write about this. Understandable, because they themselves produce the big ramp. They deny what sticks out from under the veils of the dogmata until their death. We are not surprised at this already. Diverse blood swirls because compatible but races showing many differences after all arrived from many directions genetically onto the Earth in our folk. This does not deny the doctrines of the creation, scooped thinks that the god can be thinking in one only one kind only. (And only the Earth name in a planet, when coloured universe buys us so enormously circle) Look at well an other kind Homo Sapiens!

I would illuminate this with pleasure of course, because if he has a bony structure, then already for heavy forgery to enter sporting event. But i guess, this was done instead of me already. We look at the liars' victory parade resignedly today, but I hope that even true times come. These seven centimetre little little fellows - as I am looking at his body proportions - there was not a child already, since with an adult proportion his body. Our legends, the world of our tales occurred to me. These can speak, so reasonable. Their sound may be rather thin although this is not a dogma, the one with a huge body dared dolphins on ultrasound chat, while a crow caws on a deep sound.

We may not deduct definitive inferences from this yet of course, but let them have it allowed us it, that let us be thinking about the world freely. This little being seems a homo sapiens, with only a lot smaller.

But in a how large a spacecraft may have arrived if he came from the outside. Our radars it is not noticed because enough are that big for him, than a tureen. A thousand people may come even a car greatness in a vehicle. The greatness is the question of habit only. We know that beings with a huge stature had been on the Earth certainly. The eight metres of tall man is not the supreme border yet. Eva he was an even huger human being in our memories being about our female ancestor. His grave is protected yet in Yemen, but the building was cleared already above the simple extreme fanatics. He stood until millennia. It was 160 metres of tall countrywoman according to memories. He was a hundred times taller at us. Did the sceptics promote it possibly? He would be understandable.

Yemen has the shrine and his skeleton today. With a plain magnetic or ultrasonic mapping can be authenticated this would be the data. I show it here whatever Gilgames our king's body sizes. The armpit a lugged male lion shows the real proportions. It shows on this that the today is like in his proportions to living successors.

The sceptics spread the rumour that they depicted our ancestors because of the respect so in their torment. The Bible writes that giants lived on the Earth sometime though. They do not believe in this of course. I mean the materialistic religion has his compulsive fanatics and his inquisitors likewise. They already their own eye believe. Though the mallard much heavier the air. Maybe, if their head it plops down from sky, it hits upon them... a male lion ( Pathera leo) 2 grow metre, his tail 1 metre long. I mean Gilgames 7-8 metres may have been tall. A lion to defeat may have been like that, than for us a largish cat. But a lion feels who is the chief. Gilgames figures on very much place the Huns Arvisura's. I emphasized two interesting parts in this.

Supplement 125. Arvisura
Gilgames was born before the second big deluge yet, two thirds was with a celestial origin partly and one third partly man. According to memoranda until 126 years - beside daily duplicate eating - 63 lived for a year in fact. A food warming was called an eating, that is a year, so 315 would have lived for a year beside the warming of the Haevenly fire if he would have dined five times. Was due many times to court Ummában, it was worshiped as a god and 25 children were called his successor. His anthem was favourite: I am the son of a sea, cities' bull! There was a national hero.


Arpach with celestial ancestry the rajcsúrban Jób is laughing recorded it, Gilgames won it in his heroical nature then name. The yearly fire acquisition chronology of the savardiaans was valid for him because of this, so 3 kept name-day eating. Because of this 3x42 lived only 126 years, that is eating beside a name-day. Many of his children were numerous through his side marriage. Arpad-hause founded it, who in the first millennium, after Gilgames death in Arpac beside the tiger lived. Umma and Savard rural uzs it was called Arpad.

Anahita, Sirius the sculptures of our female ancestor deriving from a stellar system accrued to us, and as soon as we may see it it was truth in a habit with lion at him flirting. He was a beautiful, large woman. His cleverness gurgles even today in our veins. His churches are ruined already, but his respect lives for the today's day vividly in us. The Persians observe his teachings truly until the today's day. Our mother superior ruled over a similar name. Atais had an accident on his island with his spaceship, and since there was not a manner until many years onto the homecoming, started a family with a spaceman's companions. 12 children were born to him. They were our folk's big and respected schoolmasters. One with at least 12000 years more advanced civilisation in Joli-tórem, that is stayed on the Earth representative. Their blood got mixed with our blood.

Anahita our female ancestor's group brought it along it heavy origin monotheism, that the nape one emphasized the initiated society folk from the belief world of the strengths of nature and the animal gods. In Heavenly truth faith brought the cannibalism to an end.

His sons consolidated the princely power in his Armogur Atais realm. Their lord's son introduced the safe agriculture learned from Heaven. Saka son executed the domestication of the animals, and insured the daily meat supply with this. Agaba son organized the trade and the industrial products of Góg tribe between the kanak, indijó, Mayan and Hun tribes spread it. Magóg son started cultivating the spicate plants and they he had mush, groats and flour ground. Three of his smallest sons a lord, an edge and Van stayed on Anyahita shrine constantly, with what their mother Van princ his birth it had puerperal paralysis. Piroska and Éa girl kept the order on their shrine above then. All of Anahita children it taught it with Heavy signs from an any kind of distance to publish in writing their thoughts.

He directed the different groups' training until 40 of Anahita year ages. His work aimed at the fact that it is more-developed before their departure in the last years of his life states it ran before it ataisian, Heavy origin faith let him check it. His smallest son: An edge, a lord and Van were being brought up in this ghost through 15 years. Éa-Éva until 22 of small Blessed Virgin's year ages Nyahitor preparatory course camp and for the Anahita shrine all the material one, all of them provided his intellectual provision.

It came before them ataiszian the representatives of different tendencies were groups. Got off from the tree, all fours running, but the man mixes moving skillfully on the trees were put onto 2 feet. They believed in the fairies, devils, fire, in the ghosts of water, a snake and celestial phenomena, and the above everything ruler Ten-ben. Éa-Éva counted the faiths.

These Arvisura details indicate that you live really gone wild savages on the Earth, but our existed faith, the Huns' ancient faith, which the same monotheism is, were at the same time already with this, in the name of which they tried to eradicate it. From the any kind of distance truth written communication did not mean that they were able to write and to read, but a telecommunicational manner, things like that, than it hardly a decade of his discovered e-mail. It, that anywhere worked, foreshadows it, that the radio listening a more modern method was used for the news transmission. Interstellar it is unsuitable for communication. So much data skulks in our database from this direction, that little would be a hundred sheets onto the description of the reality. It is evident from the fact that our history differs from the nomad folks' idea very much possibly already however. This was not typical even later comprehensively. They were the jutes because of the earthquakes in a usage chiefly. They were much frequenter yet in those days. Similarly, than our days in Japan. We say it Kobe case showed it, that onto sand concrete houses worthy to build.

- When Anyahita was paralyse after the fire acquisition year his feet, Arvisura library paid it on the Kaltes woman's land for him a tall culture grew his blessings. The holy orders acquired the incision. The Kaltes woman came from his land people_nation got married between each other only through three generations. In the fourth generation already the Joli-Tórem getting married to people_nation living on his land was tried. It was established based on their blood test that 2 Heavy and 2 countrymen are living persons on the idol mountain they belong to a blood group. They noted this in everybody's natal clay sheet. To all marriages following this only from the opposite blood group they contributed to it. From 72 of later Atais church economies allowed from the opposite blood group happening marriages. To Atais was wandering because of the glaciation groups noted his narrations in flagstones and the four cleverest one sent from a blood group and 72 cities took shape children Anyahita incisions were taught to it.

- How it was found out who is the insider? - I asked.

- Anahita paid it, that a double twin birth followed a hundred child labours on all of them on a Kaltes woman's land, on all of them after a thousand labours three twins, quartet twins were born after ten concentrated ones on all of them, but there was a quadruple twin birth after only a hundred concentrated ones after bound marriages with the countrymen and only five thousand tömén from a child an insider was born. (tömén = 10000) These manage an Om sign and different grades.

Our ancestors so an all kinds of nation got mixed, because onto the avoidance of the incest there was not an other manner, only it, that they had to mix with others. The four blood groups took shape the initial one from two, and disregarding the genetic rumpuses occurring initially, our folk's genetic substance was consolidated. Started for it for declining again later, and the twin and the Siamese twin propagated births. At this time Sirius from a system Kaltes came from a woman's sibling planet genetic specialists looked for a solution for the trouble.

Sikila related that the Nile, Ráten and a Tigger are river valley initiated ones under a reeling time they contribute to it, that let their livestock and their produces, the Kaltes woman be ennobled on our Earth with tested methods in his realm. Tenisur related that the three kaltesi are priestesses last cooled human one treated so carefully multiplying brought a substance, with which one or two river alley ones, Nazarka fertilize a priestess undertaking a role, and the natal abnormalities may be brought to an end so. Immediately the pergős conferring in a pause was beginning from this direction, but only 3 karnaki, 1 hones, 3 Maya and 1 Indian priestess presented themselves and himself.

They brought cancer medicines to our folk at the same time. I was looking for some interesting details kaltesian from our siblings' activity.

They came from the sky the excessive meat consumption was prohibited beside the cannibalism after his teaching. Arvisura-Anyahita brought the life root, for which his application created a new therapy,. The nyershús consumers widespread eat the cancer name illness it Live-with the reasonable consumption of roots curable. With the juice of the berries of light bulb briars, the frequent consumption of plant materials and fruits, merely dove, rabbit and quail weekly a daily consumption of his and antibody may grow in the organization of all men with the stopping of the consumption of all other meat.

Enormous cacophony arose when he got here in his speech. Havarut saw that a huge one is a Heavy bird running out from the shrine fülhurting lands on the grassy pasture beside simoom sounds. Havarut went towards the arriving ones together with the initiated ones. Onto the land skulked riders receiving courage Karun it was followed onto initiated princely person's mark started for the guest reception procession it burns-Bird towards it, where Havarut aloud, onto Hungarian puszta on a sounding sound, welcomed heavians:

- On a Kaltes woman's cart arriving, Heavy knowledge men, we welcome you with a joy the Nagyszala (greatsala) his discussions and buying your bigger knowledge bringing the help gladly, ahead we say thank you for Heavy help!

With the two heads taller kaltesi an envoy embraced it Havarut and Karun initiated sovereigns and the rest of the insiders towards it smiled bowing. The cavalry and the caterer a group's members welcomed it raising their hand the from them with taller growth, 12 heads delegation. At this time the 12 arriving Heavy insiders, and with Havarut leadership yet 12 Joli-Tórem initiated Havarut with a highest degree living on his Earth justify onto his new shrine. The others went into the cooks' room where they prepared the banquet with initiated culinary surprises brought by Heavy.


A what kind of change happened in Nimrod realm in the latter years?

The insider princely son answered so:

"- I know, that his initiated group not it interests it merely, that with the pelazg, aháj and garaúz got mixed a what kind of faith world aborigines developed, but it is, a what kind of novelty the initiated ones arriving from the Kaltes woman's Earth brought how! Primary it, that all his stud realm, all beside Ur city our Earth flied initiated group the double-breasted barley and instead of wheat bread seed of several lines, and a new grain was brought, the stems of which the the extension buildings are suitable for covering him mostly. This lord of theirs and new seed were sent from stud realm seed with pollination propagation, that his production gained ground on our Earth. These grew in the gardens of the church economies merely, but their lord curious, as what in Ordos turns out to domesticate.


Kaltes large-bodied and clever people_nation got off from the sky onto a woman's land. The ferry of their science the patesis it was immortalized Joli-Tórem all of the details of his land, and you start multiplying through the people_nation living on the land marrying. Because of the hostility of the Heavy mightinesses but big celestial wars and earthquakes Joli-Tórem his land was destroyed almost. From the ones with a celestial origin coming from but Kaltes it was known according to the story of a woman's land, that your glacier comes next and destroys the big part of the residential areas. Some people were wandering onto the warmer countries because of this towards noon. But not only their old place remaining, but the big part of the wayfaring ones was destroyed. The tougher wanderers got onto Atais island where he was never cold however. Here in the crowd Kaltes a woman's land his sample the cultivation of the land and the domestication of the animals were started. The patesis church economies were set up.

Our today's knowledge seems a stupid belief world measured against this knowledge. The space technology, with which they were able to land on a pasture, is particularly. The celestial wars were not storms of course, but real celestial clashes, which caused serious destructions on the Earth. Véda books write these celestial battles down. Space cities with a size like that write about his battles, that from the Earth it was possible to see it clearly. A space city like this landed on the Pacific Ocean. It was so huge that he would have destroyed everything if he gets off on the mainland anywhere. His back more thousand li greatness was, and floated on the water. (One " li" cca. 0,5 km). Twangs on a name can be found in the Chinese mythology. With a space jump 90 thousand li-t, i mean roughly 45 thousand kilometres was able to get further that way in the space under a moment. When he flew up, 3000 li the waves sprang up. It looked after people_nation certainly though. Nanmin (the dimness of noon) name, flew away to a lake in sky. (Mythological encyclopaedia 1988)

All this seems a tale only already by today, we may find out much interesting one about the ancient genetic experiments yet though. It turns out opposite my former statements that we will not be in possession of the omniscience even after ten thousand years. I mean because of that DNA this is very important the development of the sense. We may interpret it so somehow, that onto bad hardware vainly fill out the advanced program. The Commodore does not run on a 64 machine Windows. A little of his small picture would find room on him if 38 are not bigger just kilobyte (in four colours). We may find out many interesting details about the origin of our culture and our science examining the full text yet very much, for which the part of the cultures of all of the Earth was serious in his development. A shepherd today, and knew little about the blood groups in those days, or from the genetics, you are it from space technology. But he has more chances in the life after all in case of a catastrophe to staying.