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There is immense big insecurity in the people_nation on this space, and the fallacies spread with a big ambition on all of the world and deliberate lies show that picture on the whole world from us, that we were illiterate fundamentally, and if we had literacy, it somebody else, we took it over from more-developed folk at us. They appear if somebody attempts to question this bad prejudice after all the Hungarian speaker, but not people_nation with Hungarian temper, and everybody our folk is disparaged outbellowed. It is supplanted from the public opinion again and again efficiently after this tradition looks back at millennial past the truth. Well, our folk's 6000 years can certainly to write. The plainest shepherd man was literate at us. It may be possible that he did not know the Latin letters, and that wrong and evil inference was deducted from this gallantly, that illiterate. The one like this smartys I would leave it alone in a Chinese village with pleasure. Onto what he would go there with the Latin letters. While most are the land his folk only few people were able to write, the illiteracy was rare really at us till then. But we look at it, why spreads from us all kinds of drawback in the world!

Unsavory untruth of E.A. Thompson's "in Hunok"book. 2003 Hungarian edition!!

They take it! There was a harp, but from a puddle we drank, than the animals. We had ancient songs, and they are until today, but we were not able to put them down already. The Christian affection and the ecumenical compassion made this respectable English gentleman say these words certainly. Avoided his attention by the Hungarians' country being called Hunnia today possibly (Hungary). Everybody sets out from himself.

When the Huns rose to the Krim peninsula first through the Kercsi pass, and they got in the European into the current of a history, literacy was not at their disposal. When they disappeared finally the fifth - the sixth in a century's whirl, they were illiterate always yet. The songs that Priscos raetor heard from them, when torches caught fire in the salon in the evening, the that they were about Attila's martial acts, they formed into an epic possibly with time. So much certain one, that the ostrogots, between who like that you live for a lot, their own prehistory tradition was immortalized in their ancient songs on an obscure manner, quasi historian in a form, and harp with an accompaniment sang their ancestors' acts. But the Huns disappeared so quickly the from the stage of a history, that if there would have been epics like this in one being born between them eventually, then neither may have been found the written to note down would be a row, and that society could not have been survived, that sing. The Huns did not care about their own prehistory a lot in fact, it was known hardly, and little could have been said about him for the Roman traveller jumping between them because of this.

What we knew, it from the ostrogots we learned it, our culture was a uniform newcomer afterwards so. But we may not read in an introduction being about the edifying sources in this that we say it Teodorik cool - who in Ravenna, from Ielence to the south stooled - a Christian like that left behind churches, from among which more consist even in our days. Let's see well, what this ostrogot was like-hun culture!

Theodorik síremléke

This here Teodorik (Theodoric) a king's grave. Atilla he had a contemporary. 1600 of his years it was built up. The commentaries it is written, that because of that with a shape like this, because he imitates a yurt. He does not remind me of it. But his subtle and lasting building operation style would be suitable for a tomb in our days. Occurs to me on the other hand: who took over a culture from who? This shows that we not only lived in a yurt.

 The residue of more of our ancient cities points at this. It is understandable why they allowed us to talk about our yurts. This fit the pattern that Thompson outlined from the Huns, and what even we tried to be made to believe. It was necessary to reconstruct Teodorik church because of this in the later ages, because of that, because the many thousand year ones are our Christianities there his badges away to demonstrate was needed until the today from wonderful walls. The sulinet writes about him so already: Area: Illíria and Italy, capital: Ravenna. Theodorik (493-526), first barbarian ruler. We look at this barbarian well, what kind of churches claimed for the Christians' god how?!

A fantastic glass mosaic covers the church's full surface. Jesus shows on the arch above the altar Christ's ancient sign, in that little wine-red circle. It is apparent from this that he observed the same one, than what. The trouble did not arise with this. It was widespread yet then when this ancient church of ours was being built that the priests understood the creation. We say it the sense of the Holy Trinity was able to be related offhand. Why the father boy Holy Spirit is a unit. This knowledge became extinct later, and the ignorant ones destroyed those who were initiated yet. They declared the gnosticism heresy. Likewise, than the Jesus delegating maniheizmus. There was a Credo because of this from the I know it all. This knowledge was frightening already later, he will never realise the keys automatically because a uninitiated one may read through the ancient books a thousand times. The locks will stay closing before it. A newer illuminate, who the god showed the world's and the creation's function, is needed for him.

There are Latin letter inscriptions on the pictures on the walls, what indicates that Teodorik is a king claimed it and knew this writing. There is a Latin and Greek inscription in the same manner on our holy crown of Hungary. But does not do harm to know about the fact that the Etruscan ones preceded the Roman culture by many centuries, and our literacy was runic. The Italian researchers set this up already. This runic writing somebody else, but very much resemble the Székely-Hun runic writings. The punctuation marks written onto the ancient textile turned into infra-red ones which can be read quite well with a camera. From this diverse yes.

etruszk rovások

Exceeding suspicious, that it would be necessary to review this solution, because too much are the identical sign with our writing, but they were labeled with other sound values. The parentheses vague the solver, and it should be because himself is the language somewhere else our days already nobody not known for him. Or it would be necessary to read this in Old Hungarian, than the Moscow papyrus?

egy cseh lapról
hun - hungarian - sekelj runa script

Right, that the science of this took shape already is, but let us say it to it something. The hieroglyph had a science, and it was taught though, and many people lived on this, but a mistake was taught. Texts written onto the textile unfortunately paled significantly, and they turned into one which cannot be read totally quasi already, but the ancient punctuation marks reappeared in the infra-red province. The folk insist on their house, and to the area where you are born. The Hittite ones, Etruscan listened ancient folk, and likewise to paganish, to barbarous they, than the Huns' folk. Our writing was much more practical, than the Latin letters to which used was got by today, dared on all of them our vowel we had a punctuation mark, indeed, some double consonants of ours, because the sometime, Anahitától studied apart from an Earth origin our writing implied much more signs, because the cherubim are his names there you act, than independent punctuation marks. Agaba simplified these before in order for more people to be the scribes with 6040 years. It passed under millennia on the distant countries of the Earth the cleanness of the signs was deteriorating, they changed, masters preserving the writing because of this rehabilitated it again from time to time. This tactics did not work always on the areas locked away totally only, more writings took shape afterwards because of this. Because of that like that forgotten these it ABCs, because skilled hands wanted to remove everything from the road of the fictitious history, but the untruthful man is caught up with soon, than the lame dog. Was needed because of that to bypass the thing, the written one dared history back up it wanted to be restricted to it in order to start with the Graeco-Roman line. Everything, which he was before this, disappears in the mist slowly nicely, drawn systematic salami with tactics removed. All manifestations, that for this wants slew, it finds himself in an eye belittling and it making unviable on all of them level his attack. This because of an age and place pendant, but continuous. On who a writing like this was found died with the death of a death. Onto this good relating, that they found it out bound under a book cover one of the alphabets like this. Because it was necessary to eradicate the seed of our knowledge and our religion. Who does not have an ancestor, it penniless nobody. After the whole Italy ancestor culture became interwoven was the Hun with ancient people_nation, so it you are struggling along to omit from the history.

The essence, lost Europa prehistory got lost though with this, but the secular power remained in the liars' hand. I quoted Thombson defamatory rows because of this from us, the Huns. Because the a hundred times lied a lie turns into one to which used was got, than in the advertisement lied intelligent washing powder. New methods took shape in the genocide. Much more fraudulent, than the legatee. Instead of the mass graves génmanipulated foods, soft drinks, cigarettes, perfumes and washing powders, that poisons killing slowly being effective after only two-three generations, which an any kind of usual instrument signals,. Be watching DDT accumulated in the organization for the story of an insecticide, which is commulated, then only, and according to the later measurements in a measure like that poisoned the population of the Earth, that yet the because of all cultivation in very distant Eskimo mothers' milk so much found, that this biohazárdnak it was possible to qualify it. 

The irresponsibility was the dominant one chiefly here, not the determinate folk thinning. Third child dies because of the environmental contamination of the Earth on all of them. 2004 survey. Despite this the green ones yet until all of them only from the periphery of the politics they may begin to sound, and the media this to represent is struggling along in a ridiculous colour. The same method that we experienced in the course of the liquidation of our folk's culture and his history is this punctually. If are looking for the runic writing onto a catchword, from more place, or from here you may download it free your machine our ancient writing the founts of modern ttf.

I talked about forging Teodorik person on the sheet's front. I point this out here an obvious example one ravennaian his church. The forger was forgetful. Six smaller ones and two bigger curtains show on the picture here. Originally here the six fathers (from which one Miatyánk (our lord's prayer)) and the two creators were his pictures. The halo of the six fathers is visible faintly yet. We observe the 11 windows in the upper row, which are not other, than the 11 available dimensions (creation) his symbol. The later fanatics had the old mosaics rearranged, but the old one remained on five places on the columns for example characters' hand. If you download the sheets, some of the pictures more detailed and bigger at the one displayed here. This is the picture for example.

From the right an Etruscan clay column, our writing written onto an Etruscan fabric in the middle, and from left a mezopotamiai Sumerian clay tablet. The habit it habit. These are all the residues of our old literacy. Everybody is struggling along to challenge from us, and the domestic researchers excel in a dog mostly. Everything is denied with a big ambition, that to justify our past shows.

6040 éves írásjeleink

Emerges from the text of the picture, that not gods, but deities, which all five world religions commemorate, figured on the list, but the malicious distortion appeared in interpreting him as this. Most religions committed the mistake that he was spiteful towards the others. Though if there is a god, then one yes. The deity the cherub, an archangel lived in forms in the Christian religions keep moving. Jesus cherub, his soul name in the better lower heel legible. He is the Hungarians' god.

The god who can be seen above it a sign remained until the today's day, because the bishops carry this sign in their hand, and the Roman pope. This depicts his first moment as a god's creation. He shows since when we are Christian certainly well. Because of this so heavy to lie from the history. This is because of that simply, because our culture, which there was because of that, appears in all ages degrading and turned into other, extinct folks' culture, because an any kind of bypass was useful. Onto this the whole folk himself and its writing were declared extinct. The researchers were hindered with a serious ambition then, and the curriculum was falsified. The forgery turns into a tradition with time.

This oldest writing of ours ABC. Interesting, that it this sign of ours right ointment, so in an image shape) the English remained (Celtic!) on an area, (&) than "et" sign. The k, okay the little square of a sign is in the Chinese. The square looks horizontally there. KO-nak it is said. His apparition mouth, slot. The Hungarian reason a word tells his other sense. This mouth is the reason of the universe. This causes everything. This time source is his sign. The source with an other type is found between the signs, these it f and ly signs. LY-nal only a word of ours is beginning. THE HOLE. (Hungarian: LYUK) (The mouth hole) the sound is calculated on this. H sign shows the sense of this well, and this the sound, wave, resounds, border, guffaw, appears in our flashy word. ANG with a word separate worthy one to deal. Celestial G reports the sound of the Sun with a sense. This is the dominant one in the system of the Sun here.