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The universe is enormous. With human scale infinitely big, but in fact everything being beyond our imagining. We are thinking in space, distances, but for an average man from these distances he has an any kind of real idea. Is for who neighbouring village, other country, is for who the other one is a continent, the neighbouring planet means distant one to the bolder ones infinitely already, but few people think of light-years then being for the distance of stars. Onto the nearly four billion kilometres is from us. The today's spaceships would get under centuries there, and back up too, i mean we may not have a hope of it, that we get there once. Already the nearly there is a star far infinitely, unattainably from us. The today's sceptics of the Earth, who entertain the next generation with hopelessness, make the most of this restraining everything with this, and everybody, who wants to break out from this unimaginative situation. This had the space research taken back, and the Strategic Defence Initiative reasons kept the industrial branch alive only.

But there is a hope after all! We the folk of the ahun we are, and a lot - yet can be solved - we preserve knowledge from an other world view, in which everything which can be experienced and a measurable thing are found likewise, but happens for something else entirely. This view makes it possible in order for us to avoid the traps. The today's full world view fraudulent, and already well dug trap. No the incredible one, that there are atoms in the substance, you are because this is true no, that the current is going on in an electric wire. These good watch. The trap is in the view, and it, that the reliable philosophical preparation of the materialistic world view was any kind, and improper liberalism only one kind and scepticism, which was spiced with envy and stupid conservatism yet, pervaded it hereby, what made his general and full revision impossible quasi. Packed up became a religion, which is drifting without a pope for the bone in the rolling sea of the stormy quarreling of combatant ones, - that let me avail myself of a proper mixed metaphor. But the cleaved hoof sticks out. The organization and the institutor show behind the chaos.

The thing the old theories patching, you are with the erection of uniform scientific inquisitio already cannot be solved. A new, totally new science is needed. It is necessary to date back to many thousand years, because if our ancestors were in a regular contact with the domestic relatives bygone, and these managed first-rate interstellar spaceships, the news of information counts as these already then, and may be dubious before nobody, that the smallest crumb may be important in his big whole forming. The accrued to us memoranda plain little walk gallop like that to interpret. The other trouble that the memoranda imply incomprehensible expressions and many times very incomplete. It is all necessary to make up for these, and it is necessary to continue serious researches in many cases. More decennial work waits for us. But there is a hope.

That from this understood to let be seen, the shebang perceptible, even if the task looks too complicated at the first try. What is certain, that the key of the thing is beginning with the accurate solution of the construction of the time, exactly about what we learned little in our schools alarmingly only. The time in the today's notion practically fictitious something, not fact, but something, which there is not. The winter of our formulae they are it this representing "t" with signs, but nobody knows the first thing about him.

The time is a medium. I could say it in such a way that it is one single medium on the world, and his organisations cause the world. György Kisfaludy's a field theory revealed many details in connection with this, and wrote it down in his theories, how the time gets organized how by way of our ancestors elements which recalling was kept. From among these we discovered the first two though, but we misinterpreted it incessantly. This is the fire and the water. The other one two, the air and the Earth element we know it in detail, but we misinterpreted this. This is the energy and the substance. The space-time carrying the essence the energy we may assign it into a category. This undulatory, medium-like something. Layered, and these layers selfrepeats, i mean cyclically generate in the centre of the space-time. This is a light quantum practically. Follows from the geometry of his formation, that a layer without a selfagent appears cyclically, and there is chaos where there is not a space-time, by way of that initial medium, the source system of a floodplain, which the space-time is not, wake up, but more ancient it. What came in the space onto juice does not remain here, because the essential medium that is the part of his formation and survival geometry is necessary to his formation and his survival indispensably.

Yeah timenothing, you are ahun, tovuha on other names bohu, you are George Kisfaludy's in a field theory: not-regains not-time. There are very distant things at the same place in the space here. The troubles begin with this, because the substance and the light do not remain where there is not space, and complicates this longer, that the substance cannot get across into the parallel universes, what is temporal his separatism somewhere else, and exists another time. This the somewhere else and another time one awfully short distance and hold on, but this makes it impossible after all, you are in order for us to see over there it, that let us be allowed to experience it altogether. We call the same part of parallel universes our space-time because of this more recently because he exists in a time totally quasi with us though, but only almost. If a material one succeeds after all object here to get, we find an other universe there, so much other one, how the space may have him how there just we find ourselves. But not in this, which we know less longer already, but in a totally other one, somewhere between two stars, and nothing, really nothing will be familiar. A small one. It is an other world. There are 16 worlds like this. From this six belong to the space, and another ten count as hyperspace. Looked at on Inn. Our ancestors talked about seven skies because of this. From this six space universes, the seventh burn though a very mysterious one something. This is the basis of the left hells, everything and his carrier. Worthy Arvisura asks for something to go mad his volume, and thoroughly to examine. There are many details concerning this in this.

If we want to remain it time's nothing, we may do this with only an own space source then, dared only this a so local space-time is suitable for his formation, which is capable, to keep our substance and our energy. This will be space in the space, on the waters. The keeping of this, his regulation will be very serious technical tasks.


This here the space-time and it timenothing his secret. We may see the dimension stair of the space-time in all three rows, and this betrays it, that the space-time because of the usual dogmata differently not three, four, but five dimensional ones, but the dimension number of singly changes stepwise always. This stems from his construction. Everything having bought shows to be 4 dimensional ones 16 times, I wrote that 16 are parallel universes because of this yes. 

These change their existence on this manner. The world is like this for us if we sit around in our room. These dimension worlds alternating continuously are at the same place, and they change together with us. We for the series of squares signaled with the red one only the done we exist, and cyclically el-el we are disappearing from this world, we reappear then. This happens in staggering pace that we notice nothing from all. The k1-el in marked zones practically a dimensional that is thread-like string our universe, but other other universes exist nicely in a row. There is an any kind of space-time on the time of the black lanes. It is necessary to travel here with our spaceship. There is not a distance here, and there is not time. Other dangers lie in wait for us then here, but we may get even into other galaxies with the accurate cognition of this. Will be like that so, as if the speed of light we would race with more thousandfold one's, we did not move though in the traditional sense. We did not accelerate up, and we did not slow down. This space jump is his essence. This an other one, one five dimension world, and let the person who insists on the today's ideas plan nothing. For him like that the world, regards it as the kind, and so is left for eternal one.