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The official historiography did all possible one to make the researchers of the topic unviable, sowing all device under the last thousand years until the killing because of the omission. Understandable, because it was necessary to deprive a folk of his sense of identity, and this the work may not have known mercy. This is not today some other way. Who a thousand of his years are he's Iying, a diagnosis may be unpleasant for it really, you are not talking about a written memory. But the Avar age crosses turn up one after the other from the land, but you would eat with a lot older diagnoses. The kind reader has to know that those gold sheets are found, that at least 5000 year. There is writing on them. These are written with much better Hungarian nationalities moreover, than until the stammer degrading with a strange emotion I would love. The three - five thousand year Hun-Hungarians we take it quite well yet, and everybody would get used to it after one or two sunny practices. This much from the loan words and the newcomer names, and from the tortuous explanations written in the ghost in the dog.

He will be creaking in the tenons of the Darwinism if these memoranda are exposed. We want to speak about any kind of superior Hungarian nationalities here. Because all of his creatures are important before a god and alike.


They are here well the academic scientific line from before an audience hidden brown striped one pants's. Here chiefly the prehistory ages the exciting ones, because it turns out there punctually that we want to be cheated in connection with our origin because of a some kind of reason. There are 4 billion year carved metal spheres between the diagnoses, what it would have been necessary to prepare in the underwater smelters of the ancestor fish, because these lived on the land only yet then according to the dogmata taught today. It is unpleasant, that the ancestor fish said to the extinct one our ancestor lives today in the seas because the fishers caught one like this since then. The fate deals with the theoreticians cruelly. The irregular diagnoses there are at least so many people, than the already widely accepted evolutionary evidences. Accordingly at most four million of his years we may claim to be a man.


The more hundred million year gold chains that they found in coal contradict this shamefully really. An English citizen found it if my informations are good, while he was heading onto smaller pieces with the coal-shovel to beat the to be on heat truth, noticed it, that a gold chain connects one of the coal pieces to his other half. He rushed in with him into the museum where they were looking at the diagnosis disbelievingly. The chain has to be older at the coal. The carbon was an era exceeding once though. 25 -times so once, which is estimated at the homo sapiens's age. A homo sapiens's 100000 years live on the land according to the accepted views expressed universally today. 100 million year ones are the coal, in which the chain was found. According to these then that chain only the shrews, or the dinosaurs may have carried it in their neck. They found the metal pipe which can be seen on the right half of the figure in a chalk mine. It is quite homogeneous in limestone in him. The saw, with which they cut the stone into cubes, stalled in him. Unusual metall pipe, from a unusual metal. The chalk was an age once ghastly. We did not wish to verify our folk's story now here, but it, that the history taught to us carries many contradictions alone. We may point at it in our own history and our diagnoses in the same manner as we pointed out the guiles here. The old sins have a long shade. Onto 6045 (in 2004 marc. 21) years we have memoranda which can be entrusted sufficiently retroactively from our folk's story, and this affects all of the earthly population on a large scale. Our data date and justified. From these 6000 year substances we show a little detail.


Palócs' ATAISZ REGE (short summary)

A huge island existed somewhere on the Pacific Ocean before with many thousand years, the ancient tales tell it. Atais, Ata-Isis entered sporting event his happy inhabitants. The land grew richly under his climate with a Mediterranean character, and that one living person - with a tall culture - folk did the science of the writing.

The seas and the land were spread all over on their ships colonies were created on different place. In Mezopotamia established, who themselves for a lord's folk, the with them related folk some though, sumir called, Anina it was established for a goddess's respect Anina-óm his city. On the land of Egypt colony establishing - Hikszosz-óm name their centre - they continued to improve the culture of the original home. With divine ancestry rampants mountains with a cone shape buried it under it. Their third settlement was founded in noon Asia, Parszi-óm with a capital. A roving group of theirs - Indijó-óm with a centre - around Peru  stopped, a little of their group stayed in India.

The agaba-peoples onto today's China's coasts they sailed from Atais and it was built up Agaba­ómot. The settling with Atais and their contacts were maintained with each other. Happened once, that the mezopotamian his Ur folk decided it, that Anina-óm builds up his sacrificial church. Their help arrived on twenty-four ships from the original home, delivering a noble building material, artisans and Hun riders, who in the transport to aided and the rider competition of the opening ceremony would have been transacted. The related Hun tribes speaking the similar language (leaf moulds, kabars, chair and kazahuns, úz artisans, Tartar riders) there were good competitors and artisans.

This in time - with nearly seven thousand years before - the big cataclysm ensued. The land shook, raged the fire of the sea, the volcanos painted the evening sky red. Arrived later shipmen brought the news to a lord's folk: Atais largest part sunk, his fraction dwindling only for his residents was able to save his sheer life.

A lord's folk - Úr city was destroyed together with the original home his memory - the capital, Anina­óm changed his name to their lord. It got sticked in rider Huns - since they may not have gone back into their homeland and little were their food - they withdrew onto the plain, then their pastures to run low they started for north. The széki-hun (later Székely one) his Magy deriving from a tribe with a sovereign's sons and 576 of his rider lads until 60 lunar years (60 lunar months) was wandering while you do not come to country like that, that the sunk Ataisian  reminded them of their residence.

Here his Magy sovereign a steed and Dabósa city, between which they set it up, founded his monotheistic lord folk's shrine on an abundant pasture, where the princely one juveniles 480 young persons married with the girls of their lord's city together.

From before the drynesses occurring occasionally and illnesses the Huns' majority the legközeleb­bi on a mountain range (Caucasus) accross settled on a fertile plain. A city was founded there and it his Magy from a sovereign's smallest son Magyarka's it was dubbed. His other son, Kurd, Dabósa and a steed stayed in his city, then with what from a mountain tribe got married and was in danger together with his wife's family, moved between the mountains.

His Magy largest son's, Hunor and the riders' majority went towards east longer, and Hunnor city was built up in the 250. lunar month following Atais decay on a big rider Hungarian "puszta". (cca. after 19 years). Hunnor city lay on the noon part of today's Mongolia, in Hunor, that is a Hun lake's area. This area changed to a desert later.

Ataisz probable place
The 8. is a figure.

Centuries passed. The Huns continued their wanderings under this. The richer ones settled down Dabósa-Magyarka-Hunnor in the area of his line, poorer the related agaba-peoples towards it, they were proceeding to the east where he resided in scanter one areas promise to be.

Hangun (yellow) beside a river living person, indigenous two ethnic groups: the jürcsik and the ajnos got into war with each other. The Huns supported the jürcsikek and after the decay of the original home the 12 in 000. lunar year (cca. 930 calendar years) it was overcome the ajnos. From gratitude Jümmön jürcsik a leader donated Ordosz area to the Huns' youth. The Huns humanely dealt from ajnos managed to get into the captivity. It was not sowed into shackle captivity, but after 3 months - with Hun women truth their marriage - it was freed some.

The ajno tribes, seeing the well-meaning treatment, they formed an alliance with the Huns. Later the ajnos from the jürcsikeks it was required the shackle one-durance setting him free was dragged along.



When Jümmön is a leader denied this, it was chased away with the help of avoided Huns into the affinity the jürcsiks from Hangun area.

Lasting friendship was from the association and 130 lunar years (cca. 10 years) his passing Hun fighter with 24 000 youngsters, Hunnor empire with the ajnos got married to a centre's approval.

The Hun tribes' single part from Hangun settled to the north. The úzs the from gut their seat, Ordos was not set up far (wolf pitfall), the scene of the fairs. The gulf a living person, from Atais recorded it with relatives coming from on a plain the connection, and barter was continued with them. The agabas it under a thousand years spent here multiplied. With the kínajs expanding towards the north their warring turned into frequent one, and finally the kínajs the seacoast inhabited by way of the agabas was occupied. The single part of the agabák submitted, their majority escaped to the Huns however. Their leader single Agaba name a shaman was wise, the girl of who the uz a tribe's leader, Uzon married it.

The relatives escaping on a ship in their majority brought their most valuable merchandises. Their food ran out soon and their situation became alarming in the middle of a winter, famine was threatening. The bear was the only food which can be taken into consideration, but the Huns' faith prohibited from the hunting of this. Their faith brought from the original home the fisher hunter Huns they believed in the celestial origin of the bear. The bears like this most they proliferated, and in indigent times onto the people nation they became dangerous. The agabas and the artisan úzs there were not bear admirers and a too martial bear was covered with an occasion and on a feast ate. The Huns saw that he did not hit it because of this being surprised celestial punishment the bear meat consumers. This is the case, unto Agaba got knowing the tales of the original home, a new idea.

To Ordos onto winter sale the Hun tribes' shamans got together.

Agaba enlightened them: their god punished it with it the being brutal bears, that their life has to be ended on a bear thorax. The hunting began, to which Agaba folk to dropping the bears supplied new weapons. The first bear thorax from full moon to full moon lasted. Under this time - onto Agaba proposal - Seniors Counsil, the twenty-fifth were formed on a day they created the Huns' tribe association, 24 tribes with his participation though. They considered their original home habit as an example.

Their mythology was checked and the confederations' order was organized. Agaba's proposition the chronology was restarted, with what the full moons the counting of a lunar year - because of the frequent fogs - difficult and can be missed was. Everybody agreed with it in the fact that it is necessary to introduce a uniform chronology because of this.

12968. lunar year was are in after Atais decay already at this time (in B.C. 4040). A year lasted from one of the bear thoraces to the other bear thorax according to the new chronology, so because of one of the winters until the other winter. Agaba, who reformed them writing, was the first confederation head shaman and introduced the runic writing formed by it among the shamans universally. They started writing their history onto his proposal. It was the head shamans' all-time duty that the Hun is a tribe association let the events of the reality be immortalized adequately. Arvisura, that is Arvisura is laughing for their historiography because of this they got it and these were carved onto from Atais brought gold records in order for the tooth of the time not to destroy them for Agaba tribe. Beside the head shaman until all of them imposing samans they worked since the head shamans' eyesight got weak with time.

It was paid jointly firstly Atais faith world. Uzon did not buy it with pleasure, that their gods, that is Heavy cared about his question a lot. Their lord's folk for example the 24 tribes in alone the baszkor tribe, that is the Bashkirs smallest generation (joint family) entered sporting event sumír. Their gods' anthems it was paid after all. This the imposing samans revulsion ransomed. For Hunnor city rich acknowledging their lord as his folk was observed through relational contacts. Their birth of child was small.

It developed newly 24 Hun clan-alliance broke with all obstructive obstacles conversely. Albeit Atais tale world was immortalized, but on this, before a chronology from 4040 th year the every single tale of the ancient incisions was written down in original one. Since the settlement around Ordos is inhabitant úzs they were, the imposing saman it was paid with their dialect always newer Arvisura. Their language the úz language, which changed little under the millennia,  that today for a Hungarian language nev this.

This story so 997 was written after clashing with the moon because there are 13 lunar years in a year with a year. Quite good evidence this way, that the folk living on the neighbourhood of the Pacific Ocean give the same name to the moon and the month nowadays; Marama. From that direction worthy word to drop, that the Sun though Raa enter sporting event. This indicates that a uniform civilisation reigned on the Earth sometime, that is Joli-in the realm of tórem. He today Gaia we know it on a name, which is his Latin name. The Sun was usual on Sumír country name our central star. Very many of the elements of our culture - like this our Christianity - many thousand year ones, one of our big ancestors Ardvisura Anahita religion brought from a distant planet. Agaba head shaman B.C. reformed our ten thousand year writings learned from him in 4040. Anahita was similar to us genetically, we wear his blood and his talent in our blood so. You may find many substances from him on the internet.

From among the today's earthly population the serial cataclysms, wildfires and floods had survivors hardly, and the circumstances being consolidated slowly made the migration possible for the inhabitants of the distant planets. Our ancestors moved in onto the Earth again and again in more waves. Miriad they stepped onto the planet. Worthy to check the Indian legends out. We Ursa Maior, Ursa Minor, and from Pleiades direction, then Sirius binary star, the brightest star of the big dog we arrived from his environment. This was my last big migration carcass. A smaller colony, uniform Beduin ones arrived into Africa before with 700 years. Very good chemists, better, than the representatives of the today's western science. Different their bony structure, and some inner organs of theirs. These moving in ones were technical civilisations naturally, with galactic spacecraft and an advanced science. The chronology of that place was kept until a piece after seceding from the mother planet, but the significance of this dwindled with time. The colonisation destroyed the residual one, and ravages it until the today's day, which Cremo and Thompson's work quoted in above ones and his book point out clearly. He appeared in Hungarian.