May we understand it?


This figure from Iob book truth, and that it is indicative of it how much the scripture faded in the past times. What we see here, that capitula, and our days important, they improved the style of something on it only because the same one parades itself in the Roman pope's hand, simplified during the times. This entangled figure reports from a thing that is essential in our days because the largest secret of the creation skulks in this according to his inscription. Four human ones and we see two animal shapes go ahead. So biological beings never existed naturally, but I have to claim that this figure is not the product of the overheated religious fantasy after all after all.
Is it the question now whether we may understand it? Because as a figure like this looks, onto this there are not many hopes. But because of that not hopeless our situation, many drawn other sources like that stand for our provision, based on which we may count on quite good results,. Anybody may notice that a biological being like this may never have existed in the nature at the first try. This snake with a human head, who has two blue feet because of that, and there are at least five-six junctions on him, but these branch out. The being's front like that, than a footed snake, but his tail like that, than a vegetal tendril. There are letters on him. It created God Adam so. The figure retains his middle there. The tendril contradicts - to the left - Eva skulks there though on the middle of his twisting tendril. Onto equal one his head is visible from the lettuce only. We may observe a junction curling onto four quite significant lefts. These female descendant lines.

 AC TIMENS DEUM is ILLE SIMPLEX ET RECTUS. The plain and kind-hearted God-fearing capitula's relates how the corpus takes shape, more punctually the corpuscle, i mean the body. This naga manages to reach away the centre under three and a half turns, and on place which can be calculated very punctually at all times and in time branches out. This is the event line of a time function. On the figure character illustrative figures manage a semantic content. The little head with a slightly blotchy nose which can be seen below on the right side the devil , then a doggy being, the central figure is tormented by who on a renal region,. The tendril part emphasized with the green colour then branches out, and this the branch of the most dominant leftish junction, the domina. The better half gets into the biblical tale so. They omitted the essence from the saint books after these illustrations were omitted in a row.

The style and the similar figures are not so rare. The gracious father is accordingly. Onto a central spiral entwining four big ones, a right spiral is curling likewise. This has a very serious alley to four of the branches of our holy crown of Hungary, that they set out from the father likewise, these remained in the symbol of the four compass points, that in the course of our king's coronation with sword slashes with starting the direction of the four winds usual to realise. This four of the universe's winds, and the sign of the same one on the picture on Jesus halo the four-pronged light. Because since all this to the physics of the hidden light owing. God light. Cannot be seen, but hidden light. Our folk art has the knowledge of this, but all ancient knowledge is found likewise preserving culture. In Eurasia everywhere feature, and totally independent because of the religions, because we may find it in the churches of all religions. This picture very different it was depicted in time, and secret figure. The initiated ones do not take it already today, turns up because of this, than interesting Bible illustration. Here it the essence of a macrocosm got to a depiction, the space-time (the almighty one) the knowledge of his first junctions, round which the additional systems are built up afterwards. This substance is a state, that is a state before a thing known by us on all of them before his development. We observe the similar motives of the two pictures. There is not a human shape apart from Lord Jesus here, and this shows the much deeper sense of this figure.

 We observe the symmetric motive with two clearer colours, which is frequent one like that on our fences, on the middle of the figure and generally on the metal work works. Here the most prominent one the mirror symmetry of the whole figure, that only the central spiral - the space-time - his right breaks. Man and female space-time? His women anti-regains the north wind woman appears in a motive in the Hungarian Arvisura's. This ruined it get down - to Joli torem - arriving from Sirius spaceships. It is not possible to botch one in the course of the many hundred space jumps. This figure whisper onto the configuration. He may be very important yet.

We show a star chart to which accustomed is not got entirely where a S-shaped snake winds on Ez middle here. Could seem a folly, but we may be thinking about it in order that the today's state does not show on the sky on this star chart, the axis of the sky is somewhere else, and then Draco (dragon) it was in the rotation centre of sky, no Ursa Minor (Little bear) his alpha. Since then the platoni we got into the other month of a year, and the axis of the Earth points further that way on the sky in all years. It moves with a degree on sky under 72 years. Some two go with a full moon further that way. Some kind of remained they may have been making a copy from it from an ancient star chart.

He remained in Egypt like this. The old sky pictures give their age. The measure of their slip shows the time of their formation quite punctually. We look at these old drawings with love because he may be that this helps us with important things beside the kind simple-mindedness of the figure. May shed light even on a thing like that, what the previous figures.