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Our prehistory much older, than our well-known and curriculum taught at our schools, and older what the boldest researchers presuppose. Now 2004 Marches from 21 we are in 6045 years. This older the Jewish chronology, because they came to the Earth after us with 700 years, that we Joli-tóremnek enter sporting event. This name did not arise as a result of a some kind of faith intestine error, and the name with a millions of years older. Roughly 70000 of the Hun folk's years can be entered sporting event for Hun, and sure in the same manner for Hungarian, after Hunor and Magor and wine were full brothers. Latter one it was not taught to us already, and deforming Hunor already if I reflect on it, because the Huns disappeared the western science rumours it for a folk, who to write neither they could, stupid, barbarians, nomads, nobody-sons. Thomson Hun title everything defamatory appeared in his book from the Huns, that a prejudiced one like this and conceited overbearing one who could only will take from us. Let many thousand of our martyr's, saint Patak year slates, on which these names are legible well with our ancient writing, stand here, that yet Anahita szíriuszi we learned from our female ancestor. There are words, from which it is possible to come onto him, far-seeing beside the punctuation marks onto the pronunciation of the signs. The name of our three ancestors is legible in the vertical row in the middle.

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Onto left SAMAS Sunseran name consists of all directions in an odd letter set directed in that star shape above brook, Koppany a leader's high priest was gutted between terrible torments, but it more thousand protected year relics by way of it with the risk of their life it was preserved his posterity living today. This is one of our most ancient written memory. This is a doctrine board. The letters are visible in the left vertical row. Interesting the others boards, from which TEREMBURA we may read in a philosophical journal. From the start sheet available. The window series 28-29 -es his sheet from this direction to find more information. The written memories of ours that prove it more clearly at a day are found yet despite an effort contradicting on all of them with an ancient origin (6000 year ones) our Christianity. This literacy of ours was ravaged because of that, that somehundred after a year it let him be allowed to be onto us to say that we had any kind of literacy. Samas an inscription proves that we not only had literacy at the same time, but we had space technology knowledge like that, in which already solved the space-time was his construction, which is essential, it, that let us be allowed to wander over the enormous distances of the cosmos considered as one which cannot be attained by today. I mean we did not adore the Sun because we knew that the galaxy works whole.The rest of the political, racism and religious lies, you try with which to muddy our folk. This relic of ours showed here at least a thousand year ones, but we and we have much older memories and treasures. A separate Hun and Hungarian writing never existed as they were not so separate folk. This the history forgers hatched it up. Our memoranda 6000 years data are reported about older times, and nobody believe for the tales of the loan words. Those folk and languages, from who we took over our words supposedly, you do not exist altogether yet. But we can read these ancient writings of ours after all. Our words well cognizable, and this points out that they are working at the liquidation of our language clearly on the protection of who they should work, because the payment is got from us.

This ghost grave mandala escaped into Amerika our siblings' creation, we could say it so, that uniform exorcist device, with which the dead persons' ski calmness they are struggling along to ensure. They hang it out into cemeteries. May seem some conservative superstition for a materialistic one, but let us not leave it in order that the people_nation at least seventy percentages are religious in our days despite all rumours. This not the result of some underdevelopment, but the need of the soul, with which he can be attached to the world. It is necessary to belong to a community where the affection and the togetherness are his feelings because it is necessary to be attached to the world absolves from under the daily troubles. A hope is needed. The materialism the world of the hopelessness, drawn soulless one lives, and the individual dies soullessly in him. This togetherness experience provided the refuge just in our ancestor knowledge. The increased rush took away this togetherness, this sanctity from them. Our ceremonies dwindled, that the life helped to find one's way in the world on all of his areas and along all events. If you know it, that onto what what it is necessary to make a step, your fears decrease, and you can live your life with calmness and serenity with this. This Indian mandala tells a story about it, that his makers lived in the completeness, in which the soul gets its share of place beyond the body, the lost companion or a relative get lost definitively so, since his soul lives longer, and in as much they lived in affection together, may do it, that his loved one is left yet until a time. It is not necessary to think of some evil ghost here, but onto the same darling with who we got along well in his life. This grave mandala prepared for the bad ghosts' discouraging just, and the symmetry losing which can be observed on his left side and the number eight symmetry of the thread mandala indicates that it is from who this was learned, it took the structural construction of energy punctually yet. The six pendant bullets on the feathers from the vibrations of the space-time supplies the mandala with energy. This not only interesting ethnographic memory, but works. Anybody may prepare one like this. His dreams will be calmer.

Little are the spiritual patient because they know about their soul among the primitive people-nation. If somebody in accordance with the nature and and his part lives his days, his life and his death in cooperation will be. The soul not only has a demand for empathic understanding, but onto absolution, because he may gain real calmness so only. The soul not body, only something, which permeates the body. The wittiness does not mean a bedsheet ghost in our language, but inventiveness, inventiveness. The Huns one of the ancient people_nation of the Earth, and our knowledge and our affection our soul rejects the hatred on deep one's. This may not live with a folk together because this folk poisons himself with this. The self-pity is destructive in the same manner. Take care of this trap. The evil destroys the evil. The reconciliation is needed.

Maybe strange, that we begin the first sheet with grave ornaments and crosses immediately, but both carry ornaments like that, what points beyond the funeral far, and on the passing. The Indian mandala and the cross carry the basic principles of the space energy. There are six pendants on the grave mandala, exerts an influence by an aerial because the feather himself is a good receiving aerial onto the natural force. The Indian ones wore it because of this as a headdress, and other ancient folk preserving ceremonies. The seventh mistletoe is on the middle of the mandala, and this represents the water power and displays the considerable, central role of the female principle at the same time. The circle screwed on with the thread means the basic principle of the source, in the physics similar the string. This a circular string, a toroid, which symbolize the infinity, but at the same time the into himself closeness reports it.

The Transylvanian crosses quote the same strength. Sure the souls not only need this in the cemetery because it is possible to find the same one likewise on our bride chests. The strength of the Holy Spirit resonates, and with this nearly and adjusts his distant environment. A mandala edited so well creates a good harmony in the whole house. Only few people mean today already, that why, but not too that most important one, but it, how it is used. The world needs this inner peace very much.

On the upper part of the Indian mandala being mistletoe masks the carrying strength, the big mother, Nut goddess, who wears the world alone. The stone cross carrying the habits of the székely-land quotes the same basis strengths onto the protection of the grave. Here sixpetal we may see a flower, which is not other, than his almighty representation. Two are from this because the universe carries his own parity really, i mean substance and antimatter. Like this afterwards logician, that a space-time with opposite angular momentum may keep the antimatter in the lasting existence, i mean exists one anti-regains. They allude to this knowledge bygone quite clearly in more Indian tales. The whirl rose on top of the cross may be familiar to the kind reader from India. Sure this single Univerzal, so symbol not being restricted to the Earth, which means the character of the space-time, his principle and his dimension construction, compared to which India, you are all of the Earth even only an insignificant grain of dust. I elected these two signs as a departure because of that, drawn different one from continents valóak. Ancient Samas our sign fits into this logic row well. He carries the same six symmetry. From Ordos we brought it.